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massage long island

Our licensed massage therapists offer 10+ years of experience in the massage industry. Each therapist is highly trained and offers extensive knowledge in anatomy, healing and relaxation techniques.

SWEDISH - Kneading movements in combination with long gliding strokes, designed to relax the entire body, increase oxygen levels, improve circulation and flexibility, decrease muscle tension.   Massage Session50 minutes - $85   70min - $105   90min - $125


DEEP TISSUE - Similar to our Swedish massage with a greater focus on muscle tensions and working on the tissue to alleviate pains.  Massage Session  50 minutes - $95   70min - $115   90min - $135

AROMATHERAPY ADD-ON- Enhance your massage with 100% Pure Therapeutic Blend aromatherapy essential oils. Each essential oil has powerful healing and relaxation benefits for mind, body and soul. Your choice of:

LAVENDER: Relaxing, anti anxiety, skin clearing, antibiotic properties.


EUCALYPTUS: Joint & muscle aches, strengthens immune system, clears congestion/sinus issues, asthma relief, anti fungal, anti bacterial.


TEA TREE: Skin conditions, anti fungal, anti bacterial, congestion, respiratory issues, earaches, cleansing. (usually mixed with Lavender)


GERANIUM: Relaxing, uplifting, circulation, nervous system support, headaches, skin support.


COPIABA: Anti inflammatory, healing properties, reduces muscle soreness/tightness, nerve pain, moisturizing, astringent, can aid in lowering blood pressure. Copiaba also has many benefits for the skin such as acne, stretch marks, and general skin health. 

**Please note massages cannot be booked online - please call us to schedule 516-441-5333.

** All of our massage therapists are female.


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